Member Q&A

We asked our members these questions, and here are their responses:


Frank Wall

I am a Seventh Day Adventist because I believe the SDA congregation as an institution was established as the “remnant people” that are in fact the bride of Yahushua (Jesus).

I believe that the 3 Angels’ messages in the Book of Revelation are the mission statement of the SDA, and that when the church was first formed in the 1840s, the first angel’s message became truly a worldwide phenomenon. Furthermore, I believe that soon a falling out of all nominal Christian denominations will occur worldwide and the 3 Angels’ messages will be proclaimed worldwide by those who are to become “sealed” according the Book of Revelation.


Aaron Rittenhour

In my life, I find Daniel to be a huge inspiration. So many people (in this generation especially) follow the crowd. Who they are and what they believe is decided by the people around them. Many people stand up for their beliefs only when it is convenient for them. Even when Daniel was surrounded by pagans, he was never afraid to stand up for God. He never let peer pressure from the people around him change who he was and what he believed in, even when the penalty was death. I encourage everyone to be more like Daniel. Don’t let the pressure of the world change who you are. Be all you can be and let God be your ultimate guide. In the end, God will reward you with something much bigger than this world could ever offer.

Frank Wall

My hero has in his (their) name (conqueror and hero) a derivative(s) of the awesome name of Yahweh (YHWH - Hebrew: יהוה‎), and thus all the Patriarchs and Prophets of Scripture (with a few exceptions) were representatives of Yahushua who also has Yahweh in His name, and therefore throughout the Old and the New Testament, my champion and friend is Yahushua.

Isaiah 46:9-10; Amos 3:7; Daniel 12:4; Mark 13:35-37; Revelation 7:2-3; Isaiah 8:16, and Revelation 12:9; 12:17, and 14:2