Covid-19 Response

Due to the current Covid-19 outbreak the Spirit Lake church, along with all other Upper Columbia Conference churches, will be following the guidelines of the state and federal government in limiting our public gatherings. The White House is currently recommending no gatherings over 10 people. 

  1. Church: Regular church services will be suspended beginning this Sabbath until at least April 18, but will be available online through our website, at 10:45am every Sabbath morning.
  2. Pastoral Installment: March 21, 2020 will be the first Sabbath for Joe Reeves as pastor at North View and Spirit Lake churches. The Upper Columbia Conference administration will be joining my family for online church service and the pastoral installment this coming Sabbath morning. Please join us online for this special service this Sabbath and for the message prepared for North View and Spirit Lake churches. Streaming available this Sabbath morning at 10:45am at
  3. Adult Sabbath School: Our Adult Sabbath School Class will be held via an online conferencing platform. Click here for details.

  4. Children Sabbath Schools: Go to Be sure to print the activities for your kids and sing along with the songs. Also, be ready to give your children a jar or bucket for mission offering. Look around on the website and find other activities for Sabbath afternoon, etc. 

  5. Prayer Meeting: Prayer meeting is being shifted to online and telephone only. Please join the call at 6:30pm on Wednesday. We need prayer now if ever. Message the church for call-in info.
  6. Tithes and Offerings: You can still give your tithes and offerings every week by donating online through our website by clicking "Online Giving." You can also mail a check with your tithes and offerings to Spirit Lake Seventh-day Adventist Church at P.O. Box 250, Spirit Lake, ID 83869.
  7. Regular communications: It is absolutely vital that the church becomes more connected in other ways, as we suffer physical separation during this situation. Click here to signup for church message and alerts
  8. Call, call, call: More than ever before, please call each other to check in on one another. Prayer together and share what you've been learning lately. Please notify the pastor, deacons, or elders of people you know that need special attention at this time. The leaders of the church are working on ways to do our best that nobody is left out. 
  9. Strengthen your immune system: All of us have a decent chance of being exposed to the virus coming up. This is a critical time to strengthen your health. Make sure you are getting plenty of rest, eating well, minimize sugar, getting fresh air and sunshine with good exercise and following other good health practices. You will hear more later on steps we need to take for our health now. 
  10. Be Outward Focused: This is no time to look out for own interests only. This is time to be thinking neighbors, friends, vulnerable people - how are they doing? What can I do to encourage them? 
  11. Get Closer to God: Events and trips everywhere are being cancelled. Fill this season with personal spiritual renewal. This is not the final crisis yet. But now is the time to sense our need and find the kind of faith needed for the greater test. 

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