Our journey to heaven!!

When the summer of 2017 came, I knew that my family was getting ready for hikes, camping and overall, backpacking trips. This year in particular  I had decided that I would see God’s love through these adventures as I never had before. I remember praying a lot that I could see God’s mercy for us in ways that only nature could talk to our hearts. God’s first book of love.

My Heavenly Father granted my request. I have to say that I already “knew” in theory what He was trying to teach me, but now He took me to the Laboratory so I could see how actually works. I want to share the way he showed me the path to heaven as we went on a backpacking trip to eagle Cap in the  Wallowa Mountains

In our first part of the trip, we had to  walk 8 miles with heavy backpacks. I was caring more than I needed.  It was an exhausting journey, with lots of stops along the way. Though it was pleasant and fun and we met some friends on the way that we had not seen for a long time. But I was tired and my burden was heavy. Blake was with us on that trip, and I remember that we would encourage each other with the words, “the land is ours and we can conquer it”. For those who backpack you know that when you finally get to your destination,  and you take that backpack off,  you have this great feeling of been floating or weightlessness. I will say that after that trip, every time I take my backpack out of my back, I think about Jesus second coming, and me ascending to heaven with Him, free from sin and the burden of  life. Safe at last and for eternity!!!

But this was not all what i learned

The second day of our journey at the wallow mountains God, had another lesson for me. It was the morning of August 21, Monday, 2017, the day of the eclipse. That event had brought us to this place. Our goal was to be at the top of Eagle Cap mountain at the time of the full eclipsed. We were all happy and excited, but as we got ready to go, a problem arose. I was afraid that we will  not be able to fulfill our plan, at least some of us. And if we did it would be completely with God´s help and strength.

The day before was tiring but the trail was not too steep.  It was easy in some ways. But today was different. We would be climbing more for 6 miles, especially on the last part.  But I was thankful because The beauty of the place brought so much energy and encouragement to us through the colorful fragrant flowers, lakes, green valleys and lofty mountains. 















But I knew that with out God´s intervention we would not be able to make it. 

This made me think that even if our situation in this world gets bad,  our Heavenly Father keeps sending us His love in all the beauty that he surrounds us with. 

But I also learned that sometimes  beauty is not enough, or perhaps instead of beauty we can say  blessings. Though our  eyes may be perfectly open, to see those blessings. at the end they are not what allow us to ascend. Here was my lesson: We must pray. In this trip the lesson of PRAYER truly got to my heart.  There were several times when i knew we would not be able to go any farther. But by praying and having my heart open for God´s lessons, I could hear his voice along the way and I did what He asked and miracles happened as we were able to keep going. While the beauty of the place gave us courage God Himself gave us His power to continue in our journey. But He also sent people around us who gave only  words of encouragement as a backpacker could while we sat defeated along the way.

Though we were not at the top of Eagle Cap at the time of the eclipse, the Lord led us to this beautiful ridge on which to see it, above the mountains with a 360 degree view. And we could see for miles in every direction . It was spectacular.



So I learned that if it is for my own good, enjoyment and happiness, my dear Father will granted me the desires of my heart more than I could imagine. The place where we saw the eclipse was private, just for us. At the top of Eagle Cap were like 40 people crowded together up there. But God gave us this beautiful scenery in the privacy of His presence. What a beautiful personal God we serve.

I found that God has put intercessory prayer  in the hands of his servants to bring those who have been defeated by the enemy and  when we are willing to sacrifice for others we are opening the door to God to save our own souls.


To see the eclipse was not our only goal. We wanted to climb to the top of Eagle Cap,



and for that we must keep ascending.



Here was our last prayer and God granted us all the strength to make it to the top of the mountain.

As we were coming down I learned that we all are on a journey. The views along our hike are not always pretty, and sometimes it’s depressing. I do not like dark or messy forest trails,



or muddy dirty swamps,



or avalanche destruction.



But as we go in life we can give words of encouragement, we can lift up God to people in need, we can be vigilant, we can PRAY together. Then we together “can conquer the land”. By the power of God, we can go Home”.





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