Yellowstone here we go one more time!!!


“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.”
‭‭John‬ ‭1:1-3



I have to say that Yellowstone National Park is a beautiful place and has been one of my favorite places to visit.
I love all the animals we are able to see as we drive, and the majority of the people that goes there love to see them too. We were watching the faces of the people as they drove by and saw the bears, moose, elk, dears, bison, you can see mountain goats too, for this you need the help of magnifying tools ☺️!! The people always have this smile on their face as they go by. You know that pretty much where ever you see someone stopping on the road it is because they are looking at some animal, so you also go very slow, stop,( though it is illegal to block traffic) and look. You don’t want to miss anything.
But there is more to see. Yellowstone has this beautiful pools. The colors always amazed me. Deep clear or dark blue, surround by bright and light oranges tones around the edges. The water is pretty much boiling all the time in these pools. There is a water fall that it is just beautiful. The colors of it surroundings are so different from any other water fall I have ever seen. And the last , thing though (not the least ) that I love to see is The Geyser “old Faithful” . Every 30 to 45 minutes this Geyser will shoot up high, strong, and beautiful.
There are so many spiritual lesson that I could take in every thing at Yellowstone.
But this is the one I want to share this morning. In some ways Yellowstone is like the word of God to me. I’m thinking like the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy.
As a whole it makes me think about the whole word of God, but in its singularities i see verses and paragraphs.
So we may take Yellowstone the same way as sometimes we take the word of God.
Let me explain this...
My family have visited this place so many times that it gets boring once in a while. This is one of the most amazing places on earth, but once you see one pool, it’s like you have seen them all. It doesn’t matter how different one pool is from another one, or in how many completely different places you can find them. Also regarding the beautiful river and water fall. There are so many different look outs to see it, the lower base, upper base, etc , that you may think, is there any other water fall besides this one to look at.
When my family went to Yellowstone 2 years ago, I was so disappointed. We were not able to see any bears, not any exciting animals. Just dear, Elk and Mose. You know we live in North Idaho, and this are common animals for us to see. so it just was so disappointing . We all were like, okay we will never come back here again. It is so boring here . We all decided that for now on Glacier National Park will be one of our summer destinations and we will forget about Yellowstone for ever. But my Aunt Maritza came , and it was too late to have any reservations anywhere else. Yellowstone was the place that God had in store for us.
So for me , this year was a completely different experience. We usually come in to the park from the West Gate, this time we entered from the north gate. It was so different and beautiful!!! I honestly don’t remember ever seeing it so spectacular. We drove in to the park in the evening, and it was raining but there were sun rays everywhere and it made this beautiful rainbows all over the place.
It was Heavenly!!! So from the moment we were inside, the park recovered in my heart the beauty that I had forgotten it had, and I let God to touch me with this book of His love, one more time.
So many times in our spiritual life, the word of God becomes dry. I mean We know all the stories, have memorized a lot of verses. We may be able to explain Prophecy, Give answers to questions, and there is nothing new for us to learn or see. “Right?”
But then suddenly the rays of the sun of righteousness touches our heart and everything becomes alive again. The word becomes new and rich with the power of salvation.
Let God touch our hearts. He loves us. He never changes. We are the ones that let Him go because of the trials and difficulties that come so great and dark that we stop looking at the beauty of His Word.
For this, even though the dears are pretty, just because we see it so often we become indifferent with their beauty. I remember this family that were taking lots of pictures of this white tail dear. They were so excited. They drove in to the park the night. But for my family, it was just a simple dear. We should have rejoiced with them, and seen the blessing of this creature in the same way they were looking at it.
Let us rejoice all ways in God’s creation and in His word and let us pray that the treasure that he has there for us never grow cold in our hearts.

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