Ruth's Life Lessons Blog 06 Do It Now

It was in the same article that I read, “Do It Now.”
It is easy to think, “I’ll have more time or will feel more like doing it tomorrow.” Unfortunately, too often that tomorrow never comes.
For me, once I actually get into a job, even an unpleasant or difficult task, there is satisfaction in doing it. It is the getting started that demands will-power. Often I have to pray, “Lord, I know this job needs doing. Please push me into getting started.” He hears that prayer.
You can make your own list of tasks that are important, but easy to put off: writing a letter of sympathy, complementing someone on work well done, visiting or calling an ill friend, cleaning the garage or the workroom. Assigning a specific time or day for doing a task is an important form of “Do It Now.”
On the front page of the Adventist Review, done in needlepoint by Ruth (Mrs. Harry) Anderson, was this quote from Ellen White, which has brought balance in interpreting “Do It Now.”

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