Ruth's Life Lessons Blog 04 God's Fence

This morning, my friend Sheri took me out to her garden to cut me some small zucchinis. Her garden consists of a dozen concrete block-based raised beds, individually canopied by white PVC pipes, covered with black bird netting.
“Why the netting?” I asked.
“To keep the deer out,” she answered, “and it works.”
Our North Idaho deer are extraordinarily attractive creatures in the wild, or in the state parks. Yet, when they come into our gardens and bite off the tomatoes, or eat all the blossoms on the gladiolus, destroying overnight a hard summer’s work, they no longer seem so lovely.
God has fenced us about with His Ten Commandments, with His Sermon on the Mount, with His Health Rules, to protect us from the damage the devil has in mind to do to us, if we did not have and observe that protection.
As Solomon observed, “There is a way that seems right unto a man, but the ends thereof are the ways of death.”

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