Ruth's Life Lessons Blog 05 Handle Everything Once

Having, of a sudden, to be both homemaker and support of my family, I found myself overwhelmed by the minutia of my day. Reader that I am, I picked up a copy of a women’s magazine, and read; “Handle Everything Once.” What does that mean, I wondered.
The article went on: Plan that you get the mail, you will sort it, discard what you don’t plan to read, open, read, and respond to the rest.
When you return from grocery shopping, put food items away in their places as soon as you get home, and also the sacks the groceries came in.
Fold and put away the laundry as soon as you take it out of the dryer or off the line.
Make picking up the toys before the evening meal (country girl that I am I still call that meal supper) a routine with your children.
The article’s author observed half-finished tasks have a psychological effect upon us. They make us feel tired, irritable, and unable to concentrate. On the other hand, a completed project or job gives a sense of accomplishment and a push forward.
That counsel, “Handle Everything Once,” has proved to greatly simplify my life.

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