Ruth's Life Lessons Blog 08 Housekeeping Simplified

Every morning after an hour or so of being aired, I make the bed. This answers to my personal need for tidiness.
I do not allow dirty dishes to collect. As soon as the meal is over, either I wash them in the sink and rack them, or put them in the dishwasher. Guests don’t seem to mind helping with this task, and I am not later faced with dried-on dirty dishes.
The biggie is taking care of the clothes I take off. There are three places for them to go, folded and into a drawer, hung in the closet, or into the laundry basket. It has to be done eventually, why not now?
This passage from Adventist Home; has hung on my wall for years as my real aim in homemaking:

Pleasant voices,
Gentle manners,
Sincere affection
that finds expression in all the actions,
together with
Neatness, and
Make even a singlewide [like mine!] the happiest of homes.

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