Ruth's Life Lessons Blog 03 What God Has Done

I was living in Macon, Missouri, a fifty-four year old single elementary Christian school teacher. Asked to teach an adult Sabbath School class, I did a midweek overview of the lesson. One of the texts was Ephesians 1:1-14. My first reading was casual; a second time it hit me—this is truly significant, and I outlined it.
God has blessed me with every spiritual blessing. Here are the blessings; all of them through Jesus.
He has chosen us.
He has adopted us.
He has accepted us.
He has redeemed us.
He has forgiven us.
He has made His will known to us.
He has given us an inheritance.
What he asks of us is that we believe these blessings, that we trust in Christ.
This chapter changed my understanding of the gospel, and of faith.

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